Save the time, effort and cost of manually tracking,
monitoring and controlling equipment in the field.

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Our machine-to-machine (M2M) wireless solution is a smarter way to manage multiple business assets in the field. It allows remote, SIM-enabled equipment or assets to automatically communicate with each other and with you.

You'll have near real-time data on assets, places or entire production processes to help you improve business efficiency and make better decisions.

Explore our interactive M2M town to see how you can get your machines talking.

Explore our interactive M2M town to see how you can get your machines talking.

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How we can help transform your organisation

Plans & Hardware

Choose from a range of M2M data plans to suit your requirements. Hardware options are also available.


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Tools & Services

Whether it’s helping you to build an M2M solution or giving you tools to make managing services easier, we are there.


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Vehicles & Assets

Improve efficiency, productivity, security and safety by tracking or monitoring vehicles and equipment and valuable assets.


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Delivery Logistics

Simplify the management of your rugged device fleet.


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Plans & Hardware

Plans & SIMs

Choose from a wide range of M2M Data plans or Group Data Plans to suit your solution requirements.


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M2M Device Purchase Plans offer a hardware purchase option for M2M-Approved devices on a 24-month installment plan. Devices can also be purchased outright.


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Tools & Services

SIM Subscription Management

Use our cloud-based M2M Control Centre portal to manage your SIMs, data, voice and SMS subscriptions.


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VPN Solutions

We can help you to protect the transmission of data with a virtual private network.


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Integrated Solutions

Identify how M2M can be used to automate and streamline your business to drive efficiencies.


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Vehicles & Assets

Navman Wireless Vehicle Tracking

Whether you have one vehicle or a thousand, Navman Wireless GPS Fleet and Asset Management is suitable for fleets of all sizes.


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Securatrak Asset Tracking

A fully expandable, plug and play solution for the GPS tracking of your fleets and assets.


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Navman Wireless Asset Tracking

Use Navman Wireless as your long term tracking solution for off-road or remote assets.


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Sendum Asset Tracking

When you must know the near real-time location and condition of high-value assets or packages in transit.


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Rugged Device Management

If your field staff use rugged devices or hand held scanners as part of your service delivery, then this is for you.


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How we help you get the most from your M2M solutions

At Telstra, we are committed to building a brilliantly connected future for all. We believe that M2M technology is fundamentally changing the way businesses operate through operational efficiency, customer experiences improvements and enabling new service-based revenue streams. Our commitment is demonstrated through.


Continued investment in Australia’s largest mobile network to provide the best connectivity options for our customers.


Continued investment in services and programs to enable innovative M2M solutions.


Continued focus on helping businesses across the industry to understand and adopt M2M technology.


Our uncompromising commitment to customer service.

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