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How it works

If you monitor remote business equipment over a wide area, you know that using field personnel can be slow, costly and inefficient. What's more, you rarely have real-time data on equipment performance so you can't prevent problems from occurring.

Our machine-2-machine (M2M) wireless solution is a smarter way to manage multiple business assets in the field. It allows remote, SIM-enabled equipment or assets to automatically communicate with each other and with you. You'll have near real-time data on assets, places or entire production processes to help you improve business efficiency and make better decisions.

We offer a range of solutions for M2M that includes:

  • Network access: Superior coverage on the Telstra Mobile Network, plus overseas roaming in available locations.
  • Data plans: A range of plans to suit your needs, with the ability to share data (voice and SMS) allowances across the fleet.
  • SIM cards: A variety of forms to suit your needs including the standard M2M SIM card, the micro SIM, the nano SIM, the industrial SIM, and the SIM chip..
  • Telstra Wireless M2M Control Centre: A secure cloud portal to monitor and manage your SIMs and communications (data, voice and SMS) subscriptions.
  • Devices: A range of Telstra-certified M2M devices that can be purchased on a 24-month plan or outright.
  • Secure VPN: Protect your data transmissions with a virtual private network.
M2M demonstration

Explore our interactive M2M town to see how you can get your machines talking.

Launch demo

Download the M2M brochure (PDF, 236kB)

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Help improve business efficiency and agility
  • Work smarter, simpler and more cost effectively by automating all kinds of monitoring tasks.
  • Help improve your business agility by having access to near real-time information – without an increase in staff costs.
  • Track or monitor your vehicles, equipment, properties or people – to improve efficiency, productivity, accountability, safety and security.
  • Enhance customer experience with remote status reporting, so you can respond to faults or service requests quickly.
  • Create new revenue streams by refining existing business models or targeting sub-markets based on near real-time information flow.

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Things you need to know

To acquire a Telstra Wireless M2M service you need to have an ABN, ACN or ARBN, connect the service, and keep it connected to a Telstra Wireless M2M Plan and use an approved M2M device. All M2M solutions are dependent on network connectivity, and therefore are not intended to act as, or replace existing, fail-safe technologies. Telstra's solutions use Australia's largest and most reliable network, the Telstra Mobile Network. Overseas roaming is only available in countries where we have International Roaming arrangements with carriers. Features and capabilities can differ from network to network and will depend on the devices you are using. We cannot guarantee that services will be available at all times.

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